Fixed Income

A low-risk asset perfect for anyone who wants to protect their money in a secure, appreciating and reliable platform

Business Profits: 24% Per Annum

Risk Level: Low

Our Approach To Fixed Income Investment



Become a financier Investor, make an investment of ₦200,000 and above for a minimum duration of a year and get paid monthly


Earn up to 2% profit on your investment payable every 30 days. Grow your wealth in a safe, secured and steady environment


Get your invested capital back at the maturity of your investment. We preserve capital and prevent loss in your portfolio

Why Choose Us

We give you good value for your money.

Capital Preservation

Investing in fixed income and having your capital secured is topmost priority

Satifaction Guarantee

Protecting your money is a top priority and it gives satisfaction to investors

Passive Income

It’s great know that you earn money from the most reliable company

Inflation Protected

Our fixed Income perform well in case of higher inflation, thereby providing hedge against price rise.