Frequently Asked Questions

Fixed Income

Earn Passive Income Monthly

Ritzinvests FIXED INCOME is an investment solution that makes you earn passive income for yourself and have a stream of income that will be paying you every month. Your money keeps working for you with Ritzinvests.

In Ritz Investment Advisors is certified by various regulatory bodies such as; CAC, CBN, EFCC

There are two investment platforms in Ritz Investment Advisors Limited. We have Fixed Income and Real Estate platform

  • Profit of 2%  payable every 30 days
  • It is simple, flexible and annually renewable
  • Inflation Protected
  • Capital Preservation: The invested principal is paid back at maturity
  • Termination: Halfway through the investment with prior notice
  • Investment Management
  • Financial Advisory
  • Real Estate Investment
  • Business Consultation

The minimum benchmark of investing is ₦200,000

You can make payment using the following:

  1. Bank Transfer
  2. Cash Deposit
  3. Card Payment

There is no minimum withdrawal amount.

Yes, however termination will only be entertained halfway through the agreed timeframe and will attract charges.

Real Estate


Ritz Investment Advisors Limited is a financial advisory and investment firm, duly registered under company and allied matters Acts (CAMA) with RC 1637146 that deals with Business consultation, Real Estate Investing and in affiliation with major Nationals

In Ritz Investment Advisors is certified by various regulatory bodies such as; CAC, CBN, EFCC

it is located at Lagos and Abuja, Nigeria

Ritz Homes and Property Management Limited and R&D Engineering Services.

A Partner with Ritz Investment Advisors Limited specialized in construction and engineering services

Yes, the land is transferable even while you have existing investment.

  • Apartments
  • Semi-Detached Duplex
  • Fully-Detached Duplex
  • Luxury Homes
  • Government Excision
  • Certificate of Occupancy (CofO)
  • Governor’s Consent
  • Receipt of payment,
  • Contract of Sale,
  • Certificate of Investment
  • Title Deed

Your plot will be allocated after Ritz Investment Advisors acknowledge payment

Yes, you can proceed with building

Yes, you can resell anytime you wish. You are required to inform the Ritzinvests with the details of the buyer. A charge of 10% of the land Consideration (covering transfer documentation fee) shall be paid by the buyer.

  • A property (Land | House)
  • Profits on investment of up to 1.5% per annum
  • Capitial Preservation (your principal will be paid after 3 years)
  • Inflation protected (More value for your money).

Yes. The estate layout is in sections and you are limited to build houses on each section based on designated use or plan of that section (commercial or residents) i.e bungalows, duplexes, blocks of flat.

  • NOTE: Terminates houses (face me face you) will not be approved

The Estate comes with Perimeter fence, Electricity, Paved Roads, Security house, good drainage system and water treatment Plant